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Members' Publications
(UK only)

These are available free of charge to UK members on receipt of stamped addressed envelope, (not downloadable unless stated), but we welcome donations to continue our work.


Members' Publications (overseas)

Members outside the UK (i.e. those who have paid an overseas mailing subscription to cover postal costs) can order publications from info@itpsupport.

Quarterly journal

The Platelet, is mailed quarterly to members of The ITP Support Association


(orders require SAE. Click here for order form)

  • Know About ITP - patient information booklet (included in the information pack)
  • What Did You Call It? - question & answers about adult ITP
  • What Did You Call It? - question & answers about childhood ITP
  • ITP 'n Stuff - question & answers about ITP for teenagers
  • ITP and Pregnancy - answering questions that arise with ITP in pregnancy and birth
  • Drugs that cause or aggravate thrombocytopenia - a list of medications causing low platelets
  • Splenectomy - a patient guide on all aspects of splenectomy
  • Holiday Insurance and Travel Guide - includes insurance recommendations


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  1. Treatment Table - a list of drugs used to treat ITP with information about their method of administration, how they work and their side effects. This is available here.
  2. Patient Holiday Factsheet - information about ITP and patient emergency details (available in Dutch, French, Italian, German, Greek, Russian, Spanish, Turkish or Romanian - with English translation)
  3. Pupil's Factsheet - essential information about ITP for schools, with space for child's personal details, photo and contact numbers.
  4. Employer's Factsheet - essential information about ITP with space for entering employees personal details and emergency contacts.

Specialist Guidelines

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  • Protocol for Dentists Treating Patients with ITP - to give to your dentist
  • The Child with ITP - guidelines for schools/playgroups/youth clubs

Fundraising and other items

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  • Gift Aid Declaration Form - can be downloaded here
  • Leaving a Legacy - how to make a bequest to the ITP Support Association in your will
  • Fundraising Factsheet - suggestions and advice on running a fundraising event
  • Collecting Box - plastic or flatpack collecting box with ITP Support Association logo
  • Where To Get Help - a patient information leaflet for hospitals and surgeries
  • A leaflet about ITP and the Association (downloadable)

Platelet Articles

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The following articles are reprinted from previous editions of The Platelet

  • Colds and flu
  • ITP and skin irritation
  • MMR vaccine and ITP
  • Needlephobia in children
  • Hayfever and ITP
  • ITP & school attendance
  • ITP investigation & treatment procedures
  • Insurance issues
  • Drug testing & licensing
  • Is drug treatment a risk worth taking?
  • Is air travel safe?
  • Alert medical cards and jewellery
  • Yoghurt for those taking antibiotics?
  • H-pylori (stomach bacteria) & ITP
  • Excess infections & ITP
  • A summary of low platelet disorders
  • Night calls - when to call the doctor
  • Holidays and malaria
  • Dentistry and ITP (questions & answers)
  • Women & ITP (questions & answers)
  • New insights on what causes ITP
  • Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia
  • Post Transfusion Purpura
  • Swine flu and ITP
  • Diet & ITP

An American Perspective

These are now downloadable here

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