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How We Use Your Donations

The ITP Support Association was established in 1995 and is the sole UK charity supporting people affected by the rare autoimmune bleeding disorder Immune Thrombocytopenia. Anyone with an interest in ITP may join our mailing list and use our services by paying a £10 annual subscription (£8 direct debit or standing order) and we do, of course, invite donations. In addition to a regular stream of spontaneous donations from our membership, we are fortunate to have many generous hearted supporters who hold fundraising events, some raising thousands of pounds. All such contributions, unless raised for a specific project (such as Buy-a-Brick), initially go into the general fund. Our expenses are minimal as the Association is run primarily by volunteers from their own homes with nearly all communication between us carried out by phone or e-mail to avoid unnecessary travel expenses. By keeping our daily running costs to an absolute minimum, and with the generosity of the Association's membership and friends in making personal donations and holding fundraising events, we have been able to fund much needed research into ITP, as there is no state funding for this disease. (Grants awarded since 2000 are listed on the Research into ITP page).

We receive some financial support (free from any restrictions to limit our editorial policy) from pharmaceutical companies with an interest in ITP who jointly contribute towards the costs of printing and mailing out our quarterly newsletter The Platelet. Over the years we have also received pharma sponsorship for our Where to Get Help leaflets which are distributed to hospitals, ICH alert cards for patients, ITP awareness windscreen stickers, and for computer equipment. Although ITP publications are free of charge to our membership some items – emergency medical cards, Christmas cards, awareness and logo items – are sold to generate funds.

The speakers at our Medical Seminars and Conventions, despite being highly respected and distinguished international ITP specialists, selflessly make no charge to speak at these events. This, along with a subsidy from interested pharma companies has allowed us to price Convention tickets at a rate which barely covers the cost of each delegate’s refreshments, let alone the other expenses of the day.

Having outgrown its tiny office at the CEO’s home the charity is now at the exciting stage of acquiring its own permanent headquarters. A special campaign has been running since the start of 2014 to raise money from grant-making trusts, companies, fundraisers and supporters to rebuild The Mission Hall in Bolnhurst as our ITP headquarters and meeting room.

The steady flow of donations from ITP sufferers, families and friends, in addition to general fundraising at the local level, and contributions from The Charity Shop in Great Yarmouth, has been not only heart warming and sometimes astonishing, but also inspiring because of the continuing sacrifice so many participants have made in their daily lives. Those of us who man the ITP Support Association are amazed that this small charity for a rare disorder has been able to finance so much valuable research. We could never express enough gratitude for the encouragement and willing dedication given by so many to achieve our targets. Your donation or fundraising event will help us to replenish our funds so that we have the means to support the next worthwhile ITP research project that will help improve the management or find a cure for this frightening disease.

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