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How to join

To join, simply click here.

What are the benefits of membership?
Membership of the ITP Support Association mailing list brings you:

  • The Platelet, our quarterly journal
  • access to our Friends counselling volunteers
  • further information on ITP, treatment and the latest research, through our numerous free booklets and factsheets
  • a free ICH alert card in case of a bleeding emergency
  • advice from our medical advisors on difficult conditions
  • concession ticket price for the annual ITP Support Association Conventions featuring visiting ITP specialists
  • occasional optional surveys to gather data on ITP

How much will it cost
The annual UK subscription fee is £10 per calendar year (or £8 for standing order or direct debit) which covers the printing and mailing costs of your info pack and quarterly issues of The Platelet. For those living outside the UK the annual subscription fee is £15 per calendar year to cover overseas postage costs.

Subscription are due for renewal on the 1st of January each year as it is the most cost effective and work efficient way for us to manage renewals. However, if you join from October onwards your subscription will last for 15 months, until the end of December the following year. Only Standing Order and Direct Debit payments can be made a year from the starting date as there is no office admin or reminder cost attached to them.

We welcome donations!
General donations will be used to continue our daily work of providing information on ITP to patients, and to fund much needed research. You can also donate to our Buy a Brick scheme to contribute towards the restoration of a building for our permanent ITP headquarters.

Although we invite donations and welcome fundraising events to support our work, we do not bombard our members with begging letters or emails.

Who can join?
Anyone with an interest in ITP (whether patient, past sufferer, parent, family member, or health professional) can join our organisation which is the only registered charity for ITP in the UK (Charity Reg no.1064480).

Will my name be passed to other organisations?
Certainly not. Our mailing list is confidential and will not be disclosed to any other organisation.

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To join, simply click here.


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