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How we spend your donations


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Fundraisers' information

Whether you are a seasoned fundraiser or new to such activities, we would very much welcome your support! There are lots of ways you can raise funds for the ITP Support Association, from finding sponsors to compete in an organised sporting activity to holding your own fundraising event (download leaflet here). If you fancy fundraising by participating in an arranged event, there are many challenging and fun events held around the country throughout the year by companies such as www.skylineevents.co.uk . A comprehensive calendar of major events and those of individual charitues can be found at www.charitychoice.co.uk and a list of marathons can be found at www.marathonrunnersdiary.com. The ITP Support Association does not purchase places for the London Marathon (or any other marathons) unlike the big charities who buy them up for years ahead. Unfortunately small charities like ours don't know if we will actually have one or more supporters willing to run for us in 6 years time! However, prospective runners can enter the marathon's annual ballot for places, and some ITP runners have indeed successfully secured their place and raised much valued funds for us.

To enable you to collect donations and sponsorship on-line the ITP Support Association is registered with two secure charity giving platforms. Our preferred site is Charity Choice who (unlike many other providers) don't charge charities a set up fee, nor an annual or a monthly fee, but only charge a small card processing fee of 15p for Debit Card donations, 1.45% of the donation for Personal Credit Cards and 1.9% of the donation for Commercial Credit Cards. Charity Choice give the donor the option to pay the processing fee themselves so the charity can receive the entire donation intact. You can set up your own page which will have a link from our ITP Support Association page. There are various resources on the Charity Choice website website to help you, including fundraising hints and ideas, and a calendar of major events.

For comparison
We are sometimes asked why we don't use the more well known charity giving providers but every penny of your contributions is precious to us and we don't intend to lose it in higher fees. For example, JustGiving charge charities a £39 plus VAT monthly fee (ie. £216 annually) whether or not the charity has an active fundraiser each month), and they also take 5% from each donation and 5% of any gift aid accrued. They have the highest charges of any organization providing a fundraising service - which is probably why they can afford to advertise themselves so widely! Virgin Money charge charities a set up fee of £100 plus VAT (ie £125) and they also take 2% from each donation, plus a card processing fee of 1.45%.

What will the funds you raise be spent on?
Without the fantastic efforts of people fundraising for our cause, we would not be able to provide the same services to patients nor fund much needed ITP research. All charities say that your donation makes a real difference. To us as a small charity for a rare disorder with no state funding, we could not function without the generosity of fundraisers and donors. You can read more about how we spend donations here.

If you need any help, just let us know. We can send you leaflets about ITP, our charity and the work we do. When you have completed your event don't forget to send us photos for the fundraising pages of our quarterly journal, The Platelet!

Download fundraising factsheet here.

(This page was updated July 2016)


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