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An American Perspective

Professors James N. George MD of Oklahoma and George R. Buchanan MD of Dallas started writing a regular column in the ITP Support Association newsletter 'The Platelet' in June 1997 giving us an 'American Perspective' of ITP. At the end of 2014 Professor Spero Cataland MD of Dallas joined Professor George to write about ITP topics with a particular focus on adult ITP. Professor Buchanan stepped down in 2015 and nominated Dr Cindy Neunert MD of New York to replace him as contributor on paediatric ITP issues.

The following 28 articles are available as downloads free of charge, but your donation would be much appreciated.
Many more articles are available by joining the ITP Support Association.

Professor George R. Buchanan MD

Professor James N. George MD

Dr Cindy Neunert MD

Professor Spero Cataland MD

1 The History of ITP
2 What is a Platelet
3 How is ITP Diagnosed
4 How Many Platelets are Enough
5 Splenectomy in ITP: Immediate and Long-Term Complications
6 Increased Respectability of the “Non-interventionist” Approach
7 Activity Restrictions in Children With ITP
8 ITP in Pregnancy
9 Can I Die from ITP
10 Drug Induced Thrombocytopenia- Another Look
11 Alternative Treatments for ITP
12 What to do for new ITP C
13 Surgery in the Patient with ITP
14 Are Herbal Remedies Safe
15 Use of Steroids in Persons With ITP – A Boon and a Bane
16 IVIG:- Intravenous Immunoglobulin ITP; The Good News – and the Bad News
17 Anti-D:- Intravenous Anti-D: Another Treatment for ITP
18 Chronic ITP: Should a Persistent Low Platelet Count be Considered a Disease,
19 Platelet Counts: How Are They Done and How Useful Are They?
20 ITP, Sports & Sport Injuries
21 Treatment Options After Failure of Steroids and Splenectomy.
22 ITP in the Elderly
23 Rituximab for ITP
25 Viruses and Childhood ITP
26 Treating ITP by Increasing Platelet Production
27 What Happens to Adults with ITP
28 ITP and "Cure"

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