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ITP alert wristbands

These white wristbands with debossed red text reading 'ALERT!! I have ITP, a bleeding disorder' come in two sizes, adult and teenage size 8" / 20cm circumference, child size 6 inches /15.2 cm. (We recommend that you measure your child's wrist before ordering the size)

To order wristbands, please see the Fundraising Items page.

Asplenic alert wristbands

These red wristbands with debossed text read 'ALERT! I have no functioning spleen' are in adult sizes only (as it is extremely rare for a child to have a splenectomy in ITP). However, these wristbands make no mention of ITP and can be used by anyone who has had their spleen removed for a medical condition, lost their spleen in an accident, or has a non-functioning spleen. Whatever the reason, it alerts medical staff to the fact that the wearer is asplenic and at risk of overwhelming bacterial infection.

To order wristbands, please see the Fundraising Items page.

ICH alert cards

Although a brain haemorrhage (ICH) is a rare symptom of ITP, patients often worry that they won't recognise the signs should it happen to them. Our ICH card is available to give peace of mind by listing early warning signs of ICH and it alerts paramedics or A&E staff that these signs in ITP patients must be taken seriously. It also provides a website link for health professionals to access essential medical information on ICH in ITP, written by Prof. A.C. Newland.

To order wristbands, please see the Fundraising Items page.

Emergency cards (UK only)

For just £5 we can also supply a personalised Emergency Card giving details of your medical condition(s), medications, next of kin, GP, hospital etc.

To order your card download a form that includes examples of cards here.


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